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Update – Chemo

Sunday, May 9, 2010 — 7:36

This is picture of the tin man that welcomed us to our son’s school play on Saturday night.

I thought it reflected very well how I feel after the fifth of six sessions of Chemotherapy. 

Parts out of place.

While I probably should have just taken the weekend totally off, even staid in bed, I refuse to let my life stop especially if the eventual permanent stopping has in anyway be accelerated by this.

During a previous time when I was taken out of the flow of life by a catastrophic event information I had gleaned from a book by Dr. Jonathon Miller, A Body in Question helped me substantially recover.

In the book, Dr. Miller mentions how a person when placed in the medical environment becomes a patient. As a patient they assume they are sick and therefore succumb to what they believe are the inevitable results.

I took that advice to heart and determined through dress and manner to be a guest of the hospital, not a patient.  Using the same perspective, I am determined to be guest of this cancer and not its supporter.

To get to the grit of what is happening today, the effects are worse, more pronounced and extremely annoying.  Now it’s time to get on with living as best I can with what I have.


The Body in Question

Aurora Demo Very Complicated

Saturday, August 9, 2008 — 12:13

I just watched the series of vimeo demos of Mozilla’s Aurora interface.

Very clever and very complicated.  It’s shown as an interaction twixt what appears to be a Yuppie farmer and someone who predicts profits in agriculture based on loosely gather data on the Internet.

The strangest part to me was the graphic of usage icons diminishing in size to the horizon according to there place on the “Z” time line.  It has the feel of a galactic cloud of cosmic dust, only not as inspiring.

What was most interesting about the demo was the space station mouse the woman was using.  It looked like a globular wheel combined with an inter-lever joy-stick.

I have a feeling this woman runs a high tech winery.  If you have read the news lately, they are growing a lot more than grapes in some of these northern California boutique wineries.

Perhaps with hands-on experience I would be better able to critique the interface itself.  This is more a comment on the demonstration itself.  I felt no connection with the characters used to represent the end-user.

Mr. Jobs does a better job of clearly showing how we may use a product in our day to day lives.  This demo did not.

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The Vinecast Has Returned – Ho Hum

Sunday, August 3, 2008 — 6:57

If you want to waste an hour and half, listen to the inane conversation at the new Vinecast

This experience was similar to my recent read of the latest David Sedaris book

I unfortunately had just reread The Innocents Abroad.  Expecting to follow this with more wit and humor mixed with bitter irony, I was instead given the mediocre revelations of a mediocre life, the highlight of which was to go to Tokyo with the express purpose of ending a decades long smoking habit.

Twain wrote about quitting the awful habit several times.  Each time was with a combination of irony and humor that was totally missing from the Sedaris book.

I will compare TWiT with Vinecast.  On the TWiT podcast, intelligent and well informed people discuss issues surrounding their chosen topic.  With the exception of a fascination with Twitter, the talk mostly stays focused to the issue at hand.  It is moderated by Leo Laporte.

It would be correct to identify the moderator of the Vinecast here, but there really wasn’t one.  It wasn’t until the broadcast was several minutes old before the speakers were even identified.

It would be the right thing to say that I listened to the entire podcast.  It would be the right thing, but it would be a lie.  My email icon popped up and I decided to read SPAM instead of continuing with the podcast. 

That about says it all.

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Katie Sawicki – A Pure Talent

Friday, July 25, 2008 — 23:55

In my wandering through, once it had figured out my likes and dislikes the site sent me to a recording by Katie Sawicki

It is a rare thing for me to become an instant fan, but with this artist, this incredible all-there singer/songwriter, I can honestly say it was not something under my control.  I bought two of her MP3 collections on CDBaby,
Time Spent Lost and For The Quiet.

Then, I followed another link on her MySpace page to YouTube.  There is a good selection of videos that show how she performs, but you honestly need to hear her sing on one of her recordings to fully fall in love with this talent.

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A book for Children of all Ages

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 — 6:26

This is a wonderful book for children.
Published for $5.00 on

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Authors Who Once Knew Better Words…

Saturday, April 12, 2008 — 13:43

Now only use four letter words… is how the song Anything Goes speaks about modern authors, mid 20th Century. 

Not so about Sheridan Hay. 

I am currently reading Sheridan’s book, The Secret of Lost Things.  It is an introspective novel about a 15 year-old Tasmanian native transplanted from her antipode island to the smaller island of Manhattan.  There she begins work in a Dickensian bookstore located in the Madison Square-Union Square area of the island.

Each of the characters is fully developed enough to fit their place in the story.  But, though it may seem like one, this is not a book review.  Good Book-Read it!  There, that’s the review.

What it is about is my vocabularic shame.  In my youth I developed the habit of writing words I didn’t know in the  fly.  Then, unless the word was critical to the understanding of the story, I would, at the end of the day, go to the dictionary and learn the word.

Now we have The Kindle.  Each time a word appears that stops me short, and in this book it happens all too often, I use the Kindle’s instant dictionary referral tool. It can honestly be said, I will probably never use any of the words I have looked up in my Vulgate speech, but, I will in Scrabble.  I learned early in life to take Kipling’s words in his poem If, “…nor talk too wise.” to heart.  

What pleases me most is each of these words exactly fits their meaning as used in the sentence and the story.  Where it throws me, is are these the words a barely educated girl from a small village in Tasmania would use?  Have you every held a conversation with an Australian?  They do tend toward the saltier, more colorful side of the English Language.

Again, The Secret of Lost Things, by Sheridan Hay

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23 Hour Graze.

Sunday, March 9, 2008 — 21:45

Why do they have to steal the hour from the Weekend!!??  The law should be changed to take the hour off of Wednesday and, with the next change, add one hour to the weekend. Think of how happy that would make everyone, except those who work the graveyard shift…then…there is always the overtime.

The first Graze of the evening is for my novel-writing friend.  This is a list of the 50 Tools to help you write. The obvious question to me: while you are reading all of these lists, you’re not writing, are you?  Therapy?  Works for me!

We have another time warning.  The Urban Dictionary, where we went to look up Intertubes.  

It is one of those sites where, if you start clicking on links, you will fall down into the rabbit hole and not be seen again for days.  Consider yourself warned.  Being wide open to words on the Internet, there are also some silly naughty bits here.  Second warning.

We tried to sign up for Plaxo using our OpenID. 

All looked well, filled in the forms, got the confirming ID, but, after hitting the link, it said we didn’t provide the proper information…no, wait!  On refresh it loaded!!!  Be back in a few moments…

Whoo!  In the last hour I installed Plaxo and Pownce AIR. It was the hour of the I’M tools beginning with P. 

Twitter still seems simpler.

Back to Grazing… Torchwood Spoiler: Dead Man Walking

There is a lot of chatter, twitter entries and blog photos of interactive beer parties all over the Internet today.  This graphic by Sunni Brown seems to sum it all up.

Ames Estate, another wallpaper?

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