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The cancer card

Sunday, February 7, 2010 — 8:00
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If the blog entries have been sparse and few between, we are going to pull the cancer card.
Starting with the discovery of a lump in the neck the day before thanksgiving and up to last week I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions. “Could be cancer, could be something else.” This was the phrase that put a damper on getting treatment started.  The next was “Could be lymphoma, could be carcinoma.”

Where we are now is it could be only aggressive or it could be aggressive combined with slow growing.  To determine that a sample of the bone in my hip needs to be taken tomorrow. 

The chemotherapy begins on Thursday.  We’re expecting blizzard like conditions on Wednesday.  My son was born during a blizzard, so I will take that as a good sign.


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I know it’s only a day, but..

Sunday, August 30, 2009 — 8:58
Summer on the Estate

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There never was a summer vacation that I recall that ended while it is still August, but my son is expected at school tomorrow, August 31, 2009.

I know it’s only one day, but it is still August. 
I know there is the Swine Flu Thing, but it is still August.

It just doesn’t seem right. To me.  My son seems to care less. 

He is actually looking forward to going back to school.

What has happened to kids today???

Back in the day we would have organized committees, tacked signs to sticks, prepared safe houses and decided what to do if the police came. Now, they get on the bus, plug in their iPods, put on a happy face and go to school.

But, it’s still August!!!

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The End/Beginning of an Era

Saturday, November 1, 2008 — 16:08

During the 1920’s, the nation had a choice between Herbert Hoover and Al Smith.  Mr. Smith was a charismatic go-to Governor, a man of the people and well loved in his own surroundings.

He was also Catholic.

It is generally believed by historians that he lost the election based on this one condition.  Until John Kennedy, this could be called the Al Smith Effect, meaning Catholics should not bother running for President.

Now we have the Bradley Effect.  That is what is believed to have stopped Mayor Bradley from winning the Governor’s office in California.
Will this effect the results this coming Tuesday?  Yes.  The question is will it overwhelm the chances of Senator Obama from winning?  I hope to god, no.

This is not an endorsement for either candidate.  It is a plea irrelevance not be a factor when each and every voter makes that final mark, flick, tick, twist or whatever other action that will be called a vote.


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iPhone Hysteria

Saturday, July 12, 2008 — 9:42

In an earlier tweet I mentioned that as I have avoided drugs all these years I have also avoided apple products. 
Woman on Candlestick Phone
It isn’t easy living in the geek world.  Watching people sit in line for three days for a phone, one with many bells and whistles indeed, but a phone nonetheless, reminds of the people I see standing outside of office buildings in below zero temperatures smoking.

As a disclaimer I will admit being a crackberry. It is a drug of choice thing, I believe.

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The Rush is Over…Whew!

Saturday, January 26, 2008 — 7:04

The month of January is not the busiest for our business, but the busiest for me.  It is the preparation for the new year as well as the justification for actions taken in the past year.  This division of years is artificial, as is the concept of time itself. However artificial, it is the reality of our existence if we choose for it to be.

This is now the weekend.  It is a time where the deadlines and barriers for the most part are self created; not created by the company but by the circumstances we have created for ourselves.  It is the time to socialize or sequester. I like to think a combination of the two is the healthiest selection.  In the century before the last there was a time when a person was “at home.”

This meant it was a time when people could come to visit and they would be most welcome.  Sunday afternoon, between lunch and dinner was usually this time.  Then Sunday dinner was a meal to which you invited those with whom you wanted to spend more collective time, time where they, you and your household would interact.

This tradition carried over into the Twentieth Century but soon faded with the spread of radio, movies and television.  Now that time where people called and received was reserved for sitting in front of a box and listening to FDR talk, or Artie Shaw entertain.  The Sunday Dinner was replaced by the TV dinner.  The interaction became sitting in the same room with others watching The Show of Shows or Ed Sullivan.

Now, in the Twenty First Century, on a Sunday night, the family retreat to their various forms of electronic communication where they, in each individual way, collectively communicate with others. 

Oddly enough, it is all the same.  The Sunday Dinners, the TV Dinners, the microwaved meal next to the keyboard.  They are all remnants of sitting around the campfire, in the cave, telling each other how we avoided being eaten today by the big bad world outside of the cave.

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Kindle Update: Still Not Here!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008 — 9:07

In this morning’s New York Times, in the technology section, in a column called Talking Business is an article praising to the high hills.  It tells of a wonderful Christmas story where an article, though it made it to his building and even perhaps to his front door, did not make it into the writer’s hands.

He called Amazon Customer Service and miraculously the $500.00 item was replaced and in his hands by Christmas Eve.  Miracle of Miracles!

That’s the good news.

Now here’s the bad news:

My brother-in-law, in conspiracy with my wife, ordered a Kindle for me on December 2, 2007.  It is now January 5, 2008 and the Kindle is yet to appear.  I wrote an Email to Amazon Customer Service.  The email contained all of the details, numbers, etc. related to the order.

Three days later, I received a template email obviously geared toward someone who very recently ordered the Kindle.  It was many paragraphs long.  The gist of it was, sorry, we stupidly did not predict the incredible number of orders that would come in for this electronic reader and didn’t manufacture anywhere near enough of them to fulfill orders.  Don’t hold your breath, but your Kindle will arrive one day, this year, maybe.

Near the end of the email, there was a satisfaction button.  I clicked NO, when asked did this answer your question.  This took me to a webpage the use of which would put me back into the loop of rubber stamp online customer service.

Bottom line, five WEEKS late, still no Kindle.  I will keep you up to date here and on all of the other Grazing related web sites.


Amazon Toll Free Customer Service Line: (+1-800-201-7575)

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Funny Cartoon

Sunday, December 30, 2007 — 10:23

We’re back in the States just in time for another winter storm.  Here in New England we call this watershed.  The more snow that accumulates during the winter, the higher the water tables will be underground for the summer rush on water usage. Also, the surface water in our lakes and ponds, of which there are many, will rise, probably overflow.  In most cases this is a good thing.  In others, not so much, but we hope for the best.

This cartoon demonstrates what happens to communities who don’t think their water policy through.

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