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Authors Who Once Knew Better Words…

Saturday, April 12, 2008 — 13:43

Now only use four letter words… is how the song Anything Goes speaks about modern authors, mid 20th Century. 

Not so about Sheridan Hay. 

I am currently reading Sheridan’s book, The Secret of Lost Things.  It is an introspective novel about a 15 year-old Tasmanian native transplanted from her antipode island to the smaller island of Manhattan.  There she begins work in a Dickensian bookstore located in the Madison Square-Union Square area of the island.

Each of the characters is fully developed enough to fit their place in the story.  But, though it may seem like one, this is not a book review.  Good Book-Read it!  There, that’s the review.

What it is about is my vocabularic shame.  In my youth I developed the habit of writing words I didn’t know in the  fly.  Then, unless the word was critical to the understanding of the story, I would, at the end of the day, go to the dictionary and learn the word.

Now we have The Kindle.  Each time a word appears that stops me short, and in this book it happens all too often, I use the Kindle’s instant dictionary referral tool. It can honestly be said, I will probably never use any of the words I have looked up in my Vulgate speech, but, I will in Scrabble.  I learned early in life to take Kipling’s words in his poem If, “…nor talk too wise.” to heart.  

What pleases me most is each of these words exactly fits their meaning as used in the sentence and the story.  Where it throws me, is are these the words a barely educated girl from a small village in Tasmania would use?  Have you every held a conversation with an Australian?  They do tend toward the saltier, more colorful side of the English Language.

Again, The Secret of Lost Things, by Sheridan Hay

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Short Evening Graze

Tuesday, March 4, 2008 — 1:10

As I sit here listening to the Tech Guy from 2-24-08 cover on-line addiction, I have added Twitter Remarks to the sidebar of  I still don’t quite get Twitter, but I feel I will use it more now that it is on Belltowernews.  The same additions are made with the Google Reader link right above the Twitter Remarks.

Matt Richtel spoke to Leo About his book Hooked.  I went to Kindle on and downloaded the sample.  I have feeling I might buy the entire book.  This is the good feature of the Kindle.  You can download the introduction  and first chapter and then decide if you want to buy the entire book.  I consider it virtual browsing.

The first item on the graze list is the Lifehacker article on synching the workflow twixt  Picasa and Flickr., not to be confused with had an article on how to find anyone on-line.  It isn’t about searching for a particular person but about finding someone of the type with whom you may want to communicate.

A second link to has to tips about the most effective way to use email.  You may think you are savvy about email, but reading this short article may surprise you.

Here is a good one.  A person who had may job two holders ago saved a lot of files in the wps format.  To open them I went to an older compute with MS Works installed.  Here is a link to the eHow site on the easy way to convert the .wps file to .doc files.

Another recommendation from the Tech Guy podcast is the program Audacity for recording single microphone podcasts.

An add aside:  I am not sure what combination of keys I just hit, but for some reason Dreamweaver just started up and loaded downloading.php.  How Odd!

The last link for the evening is to this photo of Babe Ruth in a Boston Red Sox Uniform taken in 1919, before the curse of the Bambino.

Good Night!

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Catching Up with Promised Comments

Saturday, January 12, 2008 — 11:47

First, the name of the two books that weren’t available for Kindle download.
Shakespeare The Thinker by A.D. Nuttall.
Criminal Reason by Michael Gregorio.

Both were available in print from Amazon.  I will buy them when I am next in Brunswick ME.  Bookstores have been my haven for more than half a century.  Though I am enthusiastic for my Kindle, this will not stop me from buying books.

That’s probably  similar to something said by a person when they first bought manufactured cloth, “Though this cloth is sturdy and well made, I will still buy from the local weaver widow down the lane.”  Or, when first buying suits off the rack, “This won’t stop me from visiting my custom tailor.” Tempus Fugit.

Instead of the  David McCullough book, I started with Believe, the beta digital book.  It starts in the ER at Bellevue Hospital in NYC.  I have been a customer there, so it seemed only right for this to be the first book I complete on the Kindle.

So far, so good.


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Kindle Update: Still Not Here!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008 — 9:07

In this morning’s New York Times, in the technology section, in a column called Talking Business is an article praising to the high hills.  It tells of a wonderful Christmas story where an article, though it made it to his building and even perhaps to his front door, did not make it into the writer’s hands.

He called Amazon Customer Service and miraculously the $500.00 item was replaced and in his hands by Christmas Eve.  Miracle of Miracles!

That’s the good news.

Now here’s the bad news:

My brother-in-law, in conspiracy with my wife, ordered a Kindle for me on December 2, 2007.  It is now January 5, 2008 and the Kindle is yet to appear.  I wrote an Email to Amazon Customer Service.  The email contained all of the details, numbers, etc. related to the order.

Three days later, I received a template email obviously geared toward someone who very recently ordered the Kindle.  It was many paragraphs long.  The gist of it was, sorry, we stupidly did not predict the incredible number of orders that would come in for this electronic reader and didn’t manufacture anywhere near enough of them to fulfill orders.  Don’t hold your breath, but your Kindle will arrive one day, this year, maybe.

Near the end of the email, there was a satisfaction button.  I clicked NO, when asked did this answer your question.  This took me to a webpage the use of which would put me back into the loop of rubber stamp online customer service.

Bottom line, five WEEKS late, still no Kindle.  I will keep you up to date here and on all of the other Grazing related web sites.


Amazon Toll Free Customer Service Line: (+1-800-201-7575)

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