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23 Hour Graze.

Sunday, March 9, 2008 — 21:45

Why do they have to steal the hour from the Weekend!!??  The law should be changed to take the hour off of Wednesday and, with the next change, add one hour to the weekend. Think of how happy that would make everyone, except those who work the graveyard shift…then…there is always the overtime.

The first Graze of the evening is for my novel-writing friend.  This is a list of the 50 Tools to help you write. The obvious question to me: while you are reading all of these lists, you’re not writing, are you?  Therapy?  Works for me!

We have another time warning.  The Urban Dictionary, where we went to look up Intertubes.  

It is one of those sites where, if you start clicking on links, you will fall down into the rabbit hole and not be seen again for days.  Consider yourself warned.  Being wide open to words on the Internet, there are also some silly naughty bits here.  Second warning.

We tried to sign up for Plaxo using our OpenID. 

All looked well, filled in the forms, got the confirming ID, but, after hitting the link, it said we didn’t provide the proper information…no, wait!  On refresh it loaded!!!  Be back in a few moments…

Whoo!  In the last hour I installed Plaxo and Pownce AIR. It was the hour of the I’M tools beginning with P. 

Twitter still seems simpler.

Back to Grazing… Torchwood Spoiler: Dead Man Walking

There is a lot of chatter, twitter entries and blog photos of interactive beer parties all over the Internet today.  This graphic by Sunni Brown seems to sum it all up.

Ames Estate, another wallpaper?

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Live Writer Has Arrived!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007 — 23:03

Now that Live Writer is a usable blog editor you are guaranteed to see more entries at Random Grazing Space.  The other active grazing blogs are rooted in Belltower News.  The catchall blog is Other Grazing on Live Journal.

On WordPress we have Grazing Portal and Grazing Press= our last hosted blog.

While at a trade show in British Columbia we set up the Vox blog Trounce Alley.  Because of the lack of off line editors that support this blog and its connection to a social connection portal, we don’t count it as an active blog. It does serve as a good place to test programs which tout themselves as all-over blog editors.


The Patriot beat the Guaranteed Pittsburgh Steelers.  

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PingMe-Jott Instructions Page

Saturday, September 1, 2007 — 19:44

There are dozens of articles and blog entries out there regarding PingMe and Jott combining to create reminders using voicemail messages for free, for now.  All of that works and both services are great.


The learning curve takes a while and many pages back and forth between PingMe and Jott

THIS page clarified the entire process for me.  If I had read it a few dozen clicks ago, it could’ve saved me an hour or so. 

That’s just me.


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Thunderbird Growing?

Saturday, September 1, 2007 — 17:13

TechCrunch has an entry dated July 23, 2007 entitled Mozilla Ponders Thunderbird Spin-Off

I came across it when I was following another link from lifehacker on the Top 10 Firefox features that don’t require extensions.

The article concerned me because I am a devoted user of Thunderbird and Firefox

It’s sort of like having a car where you can tweak this hose and that fluid to make it run just a little better.  It is also not a ponderous and dangerous program like targeted MS Outlook.  Thankfully, I hope, the article was saying Mozilla was going to spend more time working on Thunderbird.  I say “I hope” because of the line popular in New England, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


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