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Aurora Demo Very Complicated

Saturday, August 9, 2008 — 12:13

I just watched the series of vimeo demos of Mozilla’s Aurora interface.

Very clever and very complicated.  It’s shown as an interaction twixt what appears to be a Yuppie farmer and someone who predicts profits in agriculture based on loosely gather data on the Internet.

The strangest part to me was the graphic of usage icons diminishing in size to the horizon according to there place on the “Z” time line.  It has the feel of a galactic cloud of cosmic dust, only not as inspiring.

What was most interesting about the demo was the space station mouse the woman was using.  It looked like a globular wheel combined with an inter-lever joy-stick.

I have a feeling this woman runs a high tech winery.  If you have read the news lately, they are growing a lot more than grapes in some of these northern California boutique wineries.

Perhaps with hands-on experience I would be better able to critique the interface itself.  This is more a comment on the demonstration itself.  I felt no connection with the characters used to represent the end-user.

Mr. Jobs does a better job of clearly showing how we may use a product in our day to day lives.  This demo did not.

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Evening Graze

Sunday, March 2, 2008 — 17:59

The first link listed by a newly added feed, Laughing Squid in San Francisco is about San Francisco Liberation Radio.  I thought it might be insightful, interesting or at the very least funny. It was self important, attention getting and raided by a government agency.  What fun. -S-

Laughing Squid has been sited by several of the more sophisticated on-line commentators. We won’t give it the hook just yet.  Tick-tick

The DownloadSquad displayed a systems utility to transform the PrntScrn button to actually print the screen rather than copying the screen to the clipboard.

In the comments section of the program’s page, there is a comment touting another program called Gadwin System.  I have never heard of it but its home page is open and will look deeper into it later.

I saved a few news pieces to read about the coming war in South America. It would appear we have a few macho men just itching for a fight.  Sound familiar? I won’t bother posting links because this is an ongoing situation and the content will be ever changing.

Freeware Files displayed a 1.3 version of Able RAWer.  This is a graphic handler for RAW files to be downloaded directly from the camera.  I currently use Picasa for this.  The interesting thing is there was an ad for Picasa running on this page.

I am not sure why I saved the link to WordPress, but it was on my list, so, go start yourself a blog.  Enjoy!

If you’re interested in the show on BBC called Torchwood, this article from TV Squad will tell you more than you want to know prior to seeing the show.  If you have seen it, reading this article may give you insight into the motivation for this episode’s creation.  This does rate a SPOILER ALERT!!

IMAP pros and cons from downloadsquad.

Daily Blog Tips is an interesting page if you blog.

The last link was to a song called Cake.  Unfortunately my script blocker on Firefox displayed a half dozen blocked scripts that would have to be activated to hear the song.  One, maybe as many as three scripts I can understand.  When the number gets higher than that, the page writer is up to something.

That’s the evening graze.  If we stay up late, which we rarely do on a Sunday night, we may post one more today. Tags:

Taking Sunday Off

Sunday, February 17, 2008 — 13:06

That may sound strange, to take Sunday off, but after a very long week we have canceled all social obligations for the day.  I am sitting here in the home office, listening to Ingrid Michealson’s The Way I Am to be followed by Stacy Kent singing Stardust. 

These songs came about with my discovery of’s music download.  iTunes was just too complicated for me.  I am listening to the music on my laptop with the GPL Licensed  VLC cross platform media player.  It is the simplicity the interface to this programs full set of features that appeals to me.

Mark Knophler’s Coyote (Album Version) just started playing.

This could go on all afternoon, but I would rather just chill, thank you…


…Stacy Kent is now singing I Got it Bad…

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Tiny Spell – Harmony or Disruption – Stay Tuned

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 — 20:32

The tiny spell utility has been added to my laptop.  I already have two spell checkers, but I figure, could it hurt to have another?  Will they counter act each other, or show each other support. I am writing in Q10 now.

New boxes are popping up when I type words that are not in the tinySpell dictionary.

Will this be a war of spell-checkers or will it be peace and harmony on the writing screen.  Stay tune.

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Live Writer Likes Us Again!

Saturday, February 9, 2008 — 11:35
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For one of those inexplicable reasons Live Writer stopped being able to post to this blog.  We tried deleting the account, resetting, etc.  None of that worked.

So, we tried the old fashioned method of giving up.  That worked for a while, but the other Famous Grazing sites were filling up leaving the Portal sitting here, lonely, waiting for individual attention.

It was that individual attention that brought us back here to make an entry regarding the most recent Firefox patch. 

Using the alternate method to giving up, trying one more time, we decided, instead of making the individual entry, the OLD method, we’d try to get Live Writer to work once more with this blog.

So here we are, crossing our fingers, (does make it hard to type,) ready to publish this.


New Features on Gimp

Thursday, October 25, 2007 — 17:24

The release notes for the new Gimp 2.4 are truly worth reading.

I have always thought of Gimp as my back up picture editor, mostly for adding text to graphic. But now, it has take a leap forward in the Photoshop direction.

Read the notes, if you like it, download and donate.

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Zoundry, another blog editor with a twist

Monday, October 22, 2007 — 18:27

The twist with Zoundry is the product review link.

The Traveler (Fourth Realm Trilogy, Book 1)

Also compared to other offline blog editors, no technical skill was needed in the set-up. You don’t need to know what an api is or the ftp settings, (unless you want to use the optional FTP upload feature.)

You give it your URL, username and password and bam! You’re ready to go.

Except if your blog is on We tried, (not very hard,) but could not get it work on the grazing Xanga blog. Oh well. We weren’t planing to use it that much anyway. The next blog we will try this on is on Vox. The settings seemed to be seamless. Go to Trounce Alley to find out.


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