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Night Time Graze, finally

Tuesday, March 11, 2008 — 21:53

While putting together this nightly, somewhat, grade, I am listening on lone to Stephen Fry’s Podcast.  The point he is trying to make is a verification of the River Phoenix line regarding classical music. “You can’t dance to Beethoven.”

Mentioned in one of the Twitter messages from SxSW is this link to 20 Websites That Made Me a Better Web Developer at Six Revisions.  There are many comments that go along with this list.

Another, entirely scientific, by British standards is this list of the 50 most influential blogs.  Be aware this list was compiled by the British website  for the Guardian Newspaper.  I used to get the Manchester Guardian delivered to my door when Malcolm Muggeridge wrote for them.

Wanting a desktop feature to cover Twitter, now that I am addicted to it, I found Thwirl.  It says it simultaneously put your Tweets into Pownce and Jaiku.  I set up the information into it, but haven’t seen the reproduction into each of these other miniblog online.

Not being fond of Outlook or its mother ship, I was pleased to find this link that syncs the Google Calendar to the Blackberry.  It took no brain energy to set it up.  It now works very well.  Less work for mother.

Now for one more cute link before toddling off to bed. 

This is a Boing-Boing link displaying a Corning Glass Museum piece about the Prince Rupert Drop.  I don’t know why I found this so fascinating, but I did. 

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23 Hour Graze.

Sunday, March 9, 2008 — 21:45

Why do they have to steal the hour from the Weekend!!??  The law should be changed to take the hour off of Wednesday and, with the next change, add one hour to the weekend. Think of how happy that would make everyone, except those who work the graveyard shift…then…there is always the overtime.

The first Graze of the evening is for my novel-writing friend.  This is a list of the 50 Tools to help you write. The obvious question to me: while you are reading all of these lists, you’re not writing, are you?  Therapy?  Works for me!

We have another time warning.  The Urban Dictionary, where we went to look up Intertubes.  

It is one of those sites where, if you start clicking on links, you will fall down into the rabbit hole and not be seen again for days.  Consider yourself warned.  Being wide open to words on the Internet, there are also some silly naughty bits here.  Second warning.

We tried to sign up for Plaxo using our OpenID. 

All looked well, filled in the forms, got the confirming ID, but, after hitting the link, it said we didn’t provide the proper information…no, wait!  On refresh it loaded!!!  Be back in a few moments…

Whoo!  In the last hour I installed Plaxo and Pownce AIR. It was the hour of the I’M tools beginning with P. 

Twitter still seems simpler.

Back to Grazing… Torchwood Spoiler: Dead Man Walking

There is a lot of chatter, twitter entries and blog photos of interactive beer parties all over the Internet today.  This graphic by Sunni Brown seems to sum it all up.

Ames Estate, another wallpaper?

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March Night Graze

Wednesday, March 5, 2008 — 6:59

I thought I would listen to the latest net and night with Amber MacArthur and Leo Laporte.  I expected geek talk. 

Amber mentioned a YouTube video with Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Afflect declaring their love for each other. It is genuinely funny.  The Sara Silverman video that lead to the creation of this video is not as funny, more vulgar.

Though we’re not sure we’ll use it much, we installed Pidgin after reading this Lifehacker page.

It is very hard to go read my RSS pages while listening to Leo and Amber because they are going over and over about this and that link.  I need to pause the show to get his page finished.  DISTRACTION!!!

This Lifehacker page listing 157 of PC Magazines favorite something or other is not worth going to for the link to PC Magazine, but to read the ranting of the commentary trashing PC Magazine.  Whoa!  I thought most of this sort of ranting was preserved for Microsoft and the Royal Family.

If you haven’t read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, this is the last time I am putting up this link because the free on-line version will not be up that much longer.  I love this book and have three copies of it.  One to keep and two to lend out to friends.

I thought I would post the page on Speedwords, but found it boring.  Google it if your are interested.

If this article was available to me months ago it would have been easier for me to settle down to the two blog writers I use most, Scribefire and Windows Live Writer.

Again, as with most pages like this, read the comments. w::bloggar is mentioned.  I think that was my first blog writer.

Quick Links before bed.

Ashampoo Clipfinder

Those Inexplicable Traffic Jams

Free Starter Kit Give Away from Seventh Generation

Say Goodnight Gracie!

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Short Evening Graze

Tuesday, March 4, 2008 — 1:10

As I sit here listening to the Tech Guy from 2-24-08 cover on-line addiction, I have added Twitter Remarks to the sidebar of  I still don’t quite get Twitter, but I feel I will use it more now that it is on Belltowernews.  The same additions are made with the Google Reader link right above the Twitter Remarks.

Matt Richtel spoke to Leo About his book Hooked.  I went to Kindle on and downloaded the sample.  I have feeling I might buy the entire book.  This is the good feature of the Kindle.  You can download the introduction  and first chapter and then decide if you want to buy the entire book.  I consider it virtual browsing.

The first item on the graze list is the Lifehacker article on synching the workflow twixt  Picasa and Flickr., not to be confused with had an article on how to find anyone on-line.  It isn’t about searching for a particular person but about finding someone of the type with whom you may want to communicate.

A second link to has to tips about the most effective way to use email.  You may think you are savvy about email, but reading this short article may surprise you.

Here is a good one.  A person who had may job two holders ago saved a lot of files in the wps format.  To open them I went to an older compute with MS Works installed.  Here is a link to the eHow site on the easy way to convert the .wps file to .doc files.

Another recommendation from the Tech Guy podcast is the program Audacity for recording single microphone podcasts.

An add aside:  I am not sure what combination of keys I just hit, but for some reason Dreamweaver just started up and loaded downloading.php.  How Odd!

The last link for the evening is to this photo of Babe Ruth in a Boston Red Sox Uniform taken in 1919, before the curse of the Bambino.

Good Night!

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Evening Graze

Sunday, March 2, 2008 — 17:59

The first link listed by a newly added feed, Laughing Squid in San Francisco is about San Francisco Liberation Radio.  I thought it might be insightful, interesting or at the very least funny. It was self important, attention getting and raided by a government agency.  What fun. -S-

Laughing Squid has been sited by several of the more sophisticated on-line commentators. We won’t give it the hook just yet.  Tick-tick

The DownloadSquad displayed a systems utility to transform the PrntScrn button to actually print the screen rather than copying the screen to the clipboard.

In the comments section of the program’s page, there is a comment touting another program called Gadwin System.  I have never heard of it but its home page is open and will look deeper into it later.

I saved a few news pieces to read about the coming war in South America. It would appear we have a few macho men just itching for a fight.  Sound familiar? I won’t bother posting links because this is an ongoing situation and the content will be ever changing.

Freeware Files displayed a 1.3 version of Able RAWer.  This is a graphic handler for RAW files to be downloaded directly from the camera.  I currently use Picasa for this.  The interesting thing is there was an ad for Picasa running on this page.

I am not sure why I saved the link to WordPress, but it was on my list, so, go start yourself a blog.  Enjoy!

If you’re interested in the show on BBC called Torchwood, this article from TV Squad will tell you more than you want to know prior to seeing the show.  If you have seen it, reading this article may give you insight into the motivation for this episode’s creation.  This does rate a SPOILER ALERT!!

IMAP pros and cons from downloadsquad.

Daily Blog Tips is an interesting page if you blog.

The last link was to a song called Cake.  Unfortunately my script blocker on Firefox displayed a half dozen blocked scripts that would have to be activated to hear the song.  One, maybe as many as three scripts I can understand.  When the number gets higher than that, the page writer is up to something.

That’s the evening graze.  If we stay up late, which we rarely do on a Sunday night, we may post one more today. Tags:

Slim Picking Continues

Saturday, March 1, 2008 — 18:19

There have been times where there were close to a thousand entries in our Google Reader.  Today, not so much.

There was a link on Hulu for a preview for the TV show Niew Amsterdam; another immortal show coming up on March 10th on a network near you.  Like most cop/fantasy shows, the male is brooding and the woman partner a knock out who talks tough.

Not sure if we’ll give this one a chance.

Next was the link to Adobe AIR

On this page AIR struts its stuff and allows you to download it for free.  How long the freeness of this lasts is yet to be seen.  Adobe is not know for its charitable nature. 

We will run it and get back to you later on its end-usability.

The most charming of the bits in the feed this afternoon was this page on Neil Gaiman’s blog.  The first part is about the hives in his woods and the garage-bucket-cheesecloth method of harvesting honey.

The second part is about the evolution of his newest book.  I have found it fascinating to read the ruminations of a published best selling author as he creates and gestates what I hope will soon be his next best selling tome.

That’s the afternoon report from the Google reader. Tags:

Two Hours At Google Reader

Saturday, February 9, 2008 — 18:42

Using the Firefox Extension, Read-it-later, I was able this morning to hold for later viewing all of the links below while browsing through  the Google Reader .

What assisted me in copying these links I as perused them in Firefox clicking on the Read-it-later and the Read-it icons was the newest note taking utility added to the laptop, Quicknote.  Quicknote was praised  in an earlier blog entry.

The Read-it-later extension is not only for Google Reader.  It copies to its bookmark any link you may encounter while browsing.  Therefore, one or two of the links below may have come from browsing places like Technorati or commandN, but most come from Google Reader, whither  there are feeds from both of these sites

I have loaded the complete link below the names of the sites instead of embedding them.  This way you can see, before you click on them, exactly where the link is taking you.

Read-It-Later Links

What is Relativity?


GMail Skins

WOT For Firefox

The Draco Tavern

Archbishop Defends Remarks

Google Map Mashups

Stephen King On Writing

First Look at Firefox 3.0

WiFi Sites

Photo Enforced

The Elegant Variation


Duke of York Trashes US

Creative Swearing     (This is very fast but funny)

Configuring GMail Imap in Thunderbird


Romney Exits (Herald Tribune)

Dignity Village

Smoke at Ansonia

commandN #121

Add Content to Google Maps

Create PDF Magazines

Cram Magazine (PDF)

Daily Dose of Imagery

The Tenant Who Wrote Macbeth

Word and OpenOffice Compatibility

How to Fold a Towel Monkey

Digital Camera Reviews

Blogger Buzz