A Focus for Grazing Press=

Until now we have used Grazing Press as a backup for the Belltowernews.com blog. This started during the Blogger.com reorganization into the Googlesphere. Because we had an extremely configured blog that did not comply with the laws set down by the new masters, Belltowernews.com was down for a few months.

So as not to be off the grid entirely, we published here. Now that Belltowernews has its own domain and seems to have stabilized, we plan to return this blog back to it original intent, to comment on the news.

We were inspired to get around to do doing this by a recent Twitter comment made by Dave Winer on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees blog.

It had given me pause for thought to believe man who presents himself as an open thinker as Mr. Obama would subscribe to mentoring from a man who has been profiled by the common press as something close to a monster. In reading the above mentioned piece I saw an entirely different slant to the purpose of his sermon.

So, this blog will now be devoted to commenting on the three to four hundred news hits in my Google Reader each morning. It will not focus on politics, celebrity, money or yellow journalism, but on what I personally think is a story of some interest.

Don’t expect there to be any great number of blog entries in the near future. There are six other Famous Grazing Blogs up that too are seeking a focus away from Belltowernews. Let us bring the sheep into the pasture and see on which plants they feed.


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