About Famous Grazing

The concept of Famous Grazing Blogs arose from frustration with the original Blogger interface.

This was before it became part of a bigger company. It was clumsy.

It required many steps and a fairly decent understanding of HTML language to post a web log.

The first off-site editor we came across for blogger.com was a Brasilian program called w::bloggar. It is was the most versatile of of the editors. Then came Thingamablog. For a long time we toyed with other editors, posted MySql based pages, used TypePad and others.

Then along came Easy Blog. (Aka EZBlog).

This required you have your own server, but didn’t require the detailed knowledge of data base or MySql, etc to set up. Once you had it set up, it took care of EVERYTHING.

We thought that would be the end of it. All other blogs would be abandoned. What fools we be.

When Performancing came onto the picture, (thanks to Chris,) we were drawn back into blogger.com. Then there was a glitch with the Atom Server on blogger.com and Performancing’s interface with it.

Performancing also worked with WordPress. That’s what brought us here.

There were dozens of other Famous Grazing sites. The one at 21Publish is an example… But.

The Famous Grazing Project is now completed. We will keep Grazing Press and Belltower News up and let the other blogs go fallow. We won’t delete them, and occasionally may make entries just to keep them alive, but we are now busy with other projects. We believe the creation of blogs is now mainstream and requires no more exploration on our part.



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