Low Grade Fever

For the past day or so, I’ve been running a low grade fever, bordering twixt 99.9 & Pepper Gold99.5.  If it goes over 100.5, I get hospitalized, so it’s important to monitor it.  This is in combination with the mouth sores, the last of the Chemo side effects on the list that I haven’t had.

You can say one thing for the chemo therapy, it gives you what it promises, not a good time.  Again, if it works, they it’s worth it.

I can see, however, how some people, especially those with a low tolerance for pain, will put this off until the last possible moment or entirely.

It was the “if you don’t treat this, it will kill you…” part that inspired me to go ahead with the therapy and skip the maybe it will go away dream machine.  It wasn’t going away, that was made obvious by the small potato that was growing under the skin in the back of my neck. 



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