No Uptake

The news at Dana Farber was promising.

After undergoing three sessions of chemotherapy and waiting for my fourth, I was given a PET scan.
As I waited with an IV in place dripping saline solution, my nurse came to tell me that scan came back with “no uptake.” She then gave me the bump.
(fist to fist).
Then the started hooking me up again.

I know this is good news, but my body feel worse than it has through the other sessions of chemotherapy. It’s hard to rejoice at such good news trying to overcome the feeling you will vomit at any given provocation.

The bottom line seems to be, that I am in the beginning stage of remission. I will be tested for another five years before the cancer can be said to be clear.

Of course, what I heard is they expect me to be around for another five years.

Around that, I can get my head.

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