Hair Razing Day

When dogs shed their hair, there is still some fur left. Today I noticed a ton of hair on the hood of winter jacket. It is lined with a black felt-like material which set off my white and red hair nicely. I used a Bounce® sticky hair removing roller to take the hair off the hood and the collar to which it is attached. Then I did what may seem like a silly thing, I ran a the roller with a fresh sheet though both sides of my temples. It was like an instant rug; the hair came off so easily.
There is still hair there and I was going to go to a barber tomorrow just to get the rest off, but the spouse wants me to wait until Saturday so she can be there. I can’t not give her that considering the amount of support she is giving me.
Another good thing is I found an old non-tech friend in NYC with SMS. Now everyone who should know, knows. No surprises. -30-

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