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Does She ever smile

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Residing on the East Coast of the United States I can feel the tide of content flow over my head in the morning coming from the east.  I monitor my RSS reader, FeedDemon from around 0600 until usually past midnight.

The first flow is always from Europe, reading English as my primary language, mostly from the UK, but certainly other parts of Europe and Africa contribute to the content.
Then, as the sun grows brighter, the Canadians seem to perk up before the pundits from NY and Boston add their morning stretches to the mix. After that, the more civilized who actually sit down to breakfast, get the kids off to school, or settle into their cubicles begin to comment.

During the work week, I don’t go back to reading the feeds until after 1800, but when I do, I find the Midwest and Pacific coasts of Canada, the US and parts of South America have all contributed to the content.

After my own Dinner and the house has settled in, I make my last scan to say good morning to the left side of the Pacific Rim, Japan, China, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and the most vociferous, Australia and New Zealand.

Beside the 600 meters a second scientist are saying we travel through the universe, this gentle wave of information, not intrusive but actively available has become my connection to civilized thought.  Without the RSS reader, it would be much more difficult to scan so broad a range of information, opinion and shared wonder.


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