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When we started creating Famous Grazing Blogs in 2004, it was the method of communication, the media, which captured out imagination.

We explored and tried every online and off line method for blog creation. Most of the blogs we created still linger out there, occasionally thrown scraps using LiveWriter

Blogs were the method used by those who found in it a way to express their thoughts of the moment. 

Then came social micro-blogging.  MySpace, FriendFeed, Friendster and more recently Facebook and Twitter.

TinyPaste is a site Twitterites can use for the Continued spill over of the tweets.

Like moths to flames, as mentioned in the #moleskine line on Twitter, we were drawn away from the blog medium to the instant satisfaction, the crayon on the wall, expression offered by microblogs,

Then we are put to shame by our friend Deven.  He throws up Education on the Plate on the WP site and starts to write professionally, thoughtfully.  The microblog has replaced the comments portion of the blog, but he is using the extended palette blogging allows to fully express himself.

Perhaps his creation will inspire us to make better use of the blogs.  I know more likely it will be like the YMCA tag I have on my key ring.  I’ll know it’s there, but I always seem to be elsewhere.  “ooh, shiny thing..”

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