A Flashing-Blinking Curious Sunday Morning

In the normally sylvan surroundings we call home, it was a tad startling to find our bedroom curtains a show of blue, red and white lights mixing with the morning sun.

A glance down the driveway found a fire truck and two police cars parked by our mail box.  The police were in conversation with a white coated man who had his arms out to his side parallel to the road.

An ambulance quietly pulled up behind the fire truck.  The police, after putting his hands over the roof and patting him down, urged the man into the ambulance’s side door.  After a short conversation, one officer went into the ambulance and closed the door behind him.

First the ambulance left, then one police car.  I was almost curious enough to go down and ask for the details, but not enough.  I know I’ll read about it in next weeks local paper.

Not a normal Sunday wake up  in these sylvan surroundings.

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