The End/Beginning of an Era

During the 1920’s, the nation had a choice between Herbert Hoover and Al Smith.  Mr. Smith was a charismatic go-to Governor, a man of the people and well loved in his own surroundings.

He was also Catholic.

It is generally believed by historians that he lost the election based on this one condition.  Until John Kennedy, this could be called the Al Smith Effect, meaning Catholics should not bother running for President.

Now we have the Bradley Effect.  That is what is believed to have stopped Mayor Bradley from winning the Governor’s office in California.
Will this effect the results this coming Tuesday?  Yes.  The question is will it overwhelm the chances of Senator Obama from winning?  I hope to god, no.

This is not an endorsement for either candidate.  It is a plea irrelevance not be a factor when each and every voter makes that final mark, flick, tick, twist or whatever other action that will be called a vote.


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