Destroy the Libraries? The words of a complete and utter idiot!!

I won’t give energy by providing a link to the imbecilic ranting of a computer sub-geek who wrote that it would be a good idea to destroy the libraries of the world now they’re no longer needed.
Alexandria Bibliotheca

This is a person who most erroneously believes that all of the world’s knowledge and information can be retrieved from the laptop he brings to Starbucks.

Google and Wikipedia are the fonts of all wisdom in his small and stagnant brain.

Google and Microsoft, along with many school libraries are busy transferring information from books, but have barely touched the surface of the books held by universities.  Even so, even if every book in the world had been scanned, would it still be a reason to destroy the libraries?  Of course not.

If this person had bothered to visit a library recently he would have seen that public book stacks are the thin skin made visible.  In geek language, they are the Favorites.

I won’t go into a long defense of an institution in its many incarnations, but will invoke the ghost of Andrew Carnegie and direct him to this man’s front door. I am sure Mr. Carnegie’s shade will know what to do next.

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