A Day For Trying Other Blog Editors

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It has been a while since we’ve tried blog editors other than Live Writer.  This is primarily because Live Writer does such a dang good job of getting the message out.  It is also because our blog writing has taken somewhat of a hiatus during the summer. 

The entry below was made with Zoundry Raven.  Of all of the editor we tried today, this came the closest to the convenience and design abilities of Live Writer.

Closest but not quite there.

Bleezer made all sorts of promises and delivered on none of them.  When I could get the interface to open, after several obscure “404” error messages, the final interface was almost as obscure as the error messages themselves.  It would appear that it is trying to be a standalone version of Scribewriter. 

I say appear because I couldn’t get it to load after the bevy of error messages.  On top of this, after closing it, it left its flash screen on my desktop.  This required a warm re-boot to remove it.  It is in version 0.96.  If I go back to try it again, it will have to be at least 2.0.

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