Some Not-tech Grazing Tonight

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When I saw the spoiler for the next season of NCIS on TV Squad, I thought this would be a good time to do a graze that didn’t involve my self centered tech interests.

The added value had to be it was of some interest to me as well. I won’t link to the NCIS spoiler because at the moment it’s more of a tease than a true spoiler. It is more like what follows a newscaster when they start the sentence: “Coming right up after this break…” and then you don’t see the item for another two or three breaks.

This link to The Mysteries of Cheers on TV Squad is of some interest. There is a link to the blog put out by the man who is credited with creating the show. Here’s a spoiler. If you visit Boston, take you picture outside the Cheer’s Bar across from the Public Gardens on Beacon. If you go inside, you may be severely disappointed.

The second TV Squad link is to this news about the SciFi series Firefly. I have the final DVD, but this is a report of a Blue Ray boxed set. I will wait till its offered in the big box store, but I will get it.

The big news here though is from It is an article about the upcoming Stargate Universe series. This one has spoiler warnings all over it. The “portal” website looked like its name was Battlestar Galactica Ringtones.

And finally, I was hoping to say nice things about the new online radio from the UK Radiopaq, but, trying it from a raw copy of Firefox 3.05b, I could get none of the links to open without a warning message popping up that I didn’t have this or that plug it.

Oddly enough, I have had no problem with any other online radio/plog/YouTube embedded video.
Oh, well.

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