Night Time Graze, finally

While putting together this nightly, somewhat, grade, I am listening on lone to Stephen Fry’s Podcast.  The point he is trying to make is a verification of the River Phoenix line regarding classical music. “You can’t dance to Beethoven.”

Mentioned in one of the Twitter messages from SxSW is this link to 20 Websites That Made Me a Better Web Developer at Six Revisions.  There are many comments that go along with this list.

Another, entirely scientific, by British standards is this list of the 50 most influential blogs.  Be aware this list was compiled by the British website  for the Guardian Newspaper.  I used to get the Manchester Guardian delivered to my door when Malcolm Muggeridge wrote for them.

Wanting a desktop feature to cover Twitter, now that I am addicted to it, I found Thwirl.  It says it simultaneously put your Tweets into Pownce and Jaiku.  I set up the information into it, but haven’t seen the reproduction into each of these other miniblog online.

Not being fond of Outlook or its mother ship, I was pleased to find this link that syncs the Google Calendar to the Blackberry.  It took no brain energy to set it up.  It now works very well.  Less work for mother.

Now for one more cute link before toddling off to bed. 

This is a Boing-Boing link displaying a Corning Glass Museum piece about the Prince Rupert Drop.  I don’t know why I found this so fascinating, but I did. 

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