Short Evening Graze

As I sit here listening to the Tech Guy from 2-24-08 cover on-line addiction, I have added Twitter Remarks to the sidebar of  I still don’t quite get Twitter, but I feel I will use it more now that it is on Belltowernews.  The same additions are made with the Google Reader link right above the Twitter Remarks.

Matt Richtel spoke to Leo About his book Hooked.  I went to Kindle on and downloaded the sample.  I have feeling I might buy the entire book.  This is the good feature of the Kindle.  You can download the introduction  and first chapter and then decide if you want to buy the entire book.  I consider it virtual browsing.

The first item on the graze list is the Lifehacker article on synching the workflow twixt  Picasa and Flickr., not to be confused with had an article on how to find anyone on-line.  It isn’t about searching for a particular person but about finding someone of the type with whom you may want to communicate.

A second link to has to tips about the most effective way to use email.  You may think you are savvy about email, but reading this short article may surprise you.

Here is a good one.  A person who had may job two holders ago saved a lot of files in the wps format.  To open them I went to an older compute with MS Works installed.  Here is a link to the eHow site on the easy way to convert the .wps file to .doc files.

Another recommendation from the Tech Guy podcast is the program Audacity for recording single microphone podcasts.

An add aside:  I am not sure what combination of keys I just hit, but for some reason Dreamweaver just started up and loaded downloading.php.  How Odd!

The last link for the evening is to this photo of Babe Ruth in a Boston Red Sox Uniform taken in 1919, before the curse of the Bambino.

Good Night!

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