Slim Picking Continues

There have been times where there were close to a thousand entries in our Google Reader.  Today, not so much.

There was a link on Hulu for a preview for the TV show Niew Amsterdam; another immortal show coming up on March 10th on a network near you.  Like most cop/fantasy shows, the male is brooding and the woman partner a knock out who talks tough.

Not sure if we’ll give this one a chance.

Next was the link to Adobe AIR

On this page AIR struts its stuff and allows you to download it for free.  How long the freeness of this lasts is yet to be seen.  Adobe is not know for its charitable nature. 

We will run it and get back to you later on its end-usability.

The most charming of the bits in the feed this afternoon was this page on Neil Gaiman’s blog.  The first part is about the hives in his woods and the garage-bucket-cheesecloth method of harvesting honey.

The second part is about the evolution of his newest book.  I have found it fascinating to read the ruminations of a published best selling author as he creates and gestates what I hope will soon be his next best selling tome.

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