Neil Gaiman Give Away!!

On his blog this morning Neil Gaiman put up a poll that asks which of a list of his books would we give to a friend so as to introduce the friend to Gaiman books.  If you look at the poll, as of now, American Gods is way ahead. 

I voted for Neverwhere

This is partly because Neverwhere was the first of his books that I read, leading me out into the world to find the rest of his work to consumes ravenously.  

Also, I believe American Gods, though his best novel, may be a little on the strong side as an introduction to Neil Gaiman’s work.

Conversely, had my first exposure to him been one of his outstanding illustrated novels, I might never had gone on to read his novels and short stories.  Quien Sabe, amigo!
Now it is time for my morning muffin, sorry, meditation….

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