Catching Up with Promised Comments

First, the name of the two books that weren’t available for Kindle download.
Shakespeare The Thinker by A.D. Nuttall.
Criminal Reason by Michael Gregorio.

Both were available in print from Amazon.  I will buy them when I am next in Brunswick ME.  Bookstores have been my haven for more than half a century.  Though I am enthusiastic for my Kindle, this will not stop me from buying books.

That’s probably  similar to something said by a person when they first bought manufactured cloth, “Though this cloth is sturdy and well made, I will still buy from the local weaver widow down the lane.”  Or, when first buying suits off the rack, “This won’t stop me from visiting my custom tailor.” Tempus Fugit.

Instead of the  David McCullough book, I started with Believe, the beta digital book.  It starts in the ER at Bellevue Hospital in NYC.  I have been a customer there, so it seemed only right for this to be the first book I complete on the Kindle.

So far, so good.


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