The Mysterious Object Identified!

In an earlier article on BBC News, a mysterious object over 27 meters long had washed up on the shores of Stinky bay on the west of Benbecula.

The good news is it has been identified.  The very good news for our fellow Scots is that it is a fermentation device used to make beer.  Though it hasn’t been claimed by the Colorado brewing company, the BBC News reports it is very similar to the type they used.

When I first saw the article, I was convinced it was of some sort of military creature right out of Dr. Who or its anagram spin-off Torchwood, where alien articles mysteriously appear on the British Isles, mostly around Cardiff.  But the more mundane use for brewing beer; now that’s something I never would’ve guessed. 

Well, ye inhabitants of the Western Isles, Hogmanay!

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