Promised Kindle

The wrapping paper was flying through the air, the empty boxes piled in the corner.  Then it was my turn to receive a gift from the Secret Santa.  I expected an aluminum Lamy Safari fountain pen.

You can imagine my shock when, instead of a long thing box, a business envelope was handed to me.  Inside the envelope was a folded piece of paper.  The paper read: …Order Placed: December 2, 2007… The following items will arrive after December 25, 2007…

1. of: Kindle: Amazon’s New Reading Device. [BLACKED OUT PRICE] [Electronics]
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

  • -1 Items(s) Gift Option: None (Change)

This was my “Paint My House” item on the list to Secret Santa. Never in my mind did I expect it.


Now that the promise has been made by Amazon to send it, I will be watching the door. I feel like a little kid.

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