They Called it an Ugly Win

One thing the Internet age allows me to do is almost instantly read the article written on the AP wire and now all over the world using The word “ugly win” were used over and over again. It was a phrase used by one of the announcers for CBS Sports.

This makes me wonder if the sports writers are really at the game. I took a behind the scenes tour of the stadium soon after it opened. We were shown the Kraft suit and the sports writers area, inside a protected bubble with tiered long desks overlooking the field. If my memory is correct, it was facing the light house and bridge

Could it possibly be the sports writers are doing the civilized thing we do? We record the game on TiVo and then begin watching it about -30- to 45 minutes after it starts. So, there is that delay, allowing time for the writers to hone the piece they write as the game progresses. This will rank with me along with did we really go to the moon, or was that a Hollywood set?

Whatever is said, ugly or not, 14 and 0 is nothing to sneeze at. Unless you sat in the stands for the whole game. Then you have earned the right to sneeze away. Have at it!


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