Weather Report from Patriots New England

Here in balmy New England, I sit around thirty miles from Foxborough Stadium. I know there is a brand name attached to it, but we, being New Englanders, will always call it by its real name.
This goes for the Gimmell house in which we live. The Gimmells haven’t lived here since the 1950’s but when we tell people here-abouts where we live, “Oh, the Gimmell house.” is aways the response.

On a dry Sunday, with no game in the forecast, it would take me less than 20 minutes to drive up Rte. 1 past the Stadium. Today, if I left right now, I might make it there by breakfast tomorrow. It the last Instant Snowstorm of a few days ago, I left Worcester at 1 in the afternoon and saw my front door around dinner time. My knuckles are still white from that driving. I don’t intend to make them whiter today.

Our greatest fear at the moment is ice on the cable and power wires. News reports have a large portion of Pennsylvania without power. It would also shut down the heat, but we have fireplaces for back up. Power failure would mean we would have to rely on out Blackberries for the score. Or, there is that thing called a radio… I think we have one in the basement. Where are those batteries?

As far as the weather, three hours before the game, the foot or so of snow on our balcony is now being nicely coated with sleet. We understand there may even be a touch of freezing rain to add to the layering effect. Then, as it gets dark, more snow.

What fun!!!

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