Another Useful Thing Against the Law, but…

This article in today’s Sunday New York Times tell the story of Cell Phone Jammers:
Devices Enforce Cellular Silence, Sweet but Illegal – New York Times

First it tells us of rebels riding the rails in San Francisco creating a circle of cellphone silence.  For those of us who have suffered this barrage of inane blather it seems, at first, such a harmless attempt at attaining civil sanity.  But, and yes there is ALWAYS a but, what if someone not so loud was a doctor giving important information to a colleague needed to save a life, or a poor soul who has been on hold forever to a financial institution or worse, cable company.

There are so many what-ifs here that I needed to erase an entire paragraph upon re-read because I found the list had no bottom.  Most of the comments I have read have been in favor of the jammers, but I can almost guarantee none of them have been made by someone who had been knowingly jammed.

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