Qumana Blog Manager

While browsing Technorati I came across a mentioning of the browser editor called Qumana  Always willing to try anything that may make blogging easier, I downloaded it from their site.  It seemed like a good blog manager right up to the point of where I started using the editor.  It was then when I wanted to insert the link into the word Technorati in the first sentence. When I highlighted it and clicked on the Insert HTML button it did this: http://technorati.com/

Then I noticed under the drop down window containing the font choices a small globe with the eternity symbol below it.  .  This is the universal symbol for create link.  It is next to the spell check and the underline misspelled words icon. It automatically places the link content in the clipboard into the box.

I am still puzzled by the large Insert HTML button. 

The very unique part of this program and editor is the Insert Ad button.  That is still a mystery to me. This means, of course, more digging is needed.


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