One of these Weekends…

I just completed filling in my Google Calendar for the rest of the year to coincide with the school calendar.  It has four layers, the first two – appointments of a work and personal nature.  The third is a layer showing the phases of the moon and the fourth national holidays.

When I first started tinkering with the Google calendar, I searched around of for special calendars to enhance it.  I found what has to be close to a dozen.  It took several months to whittle it down to these four.  The other plug-in is the five day weather icons.

Then along came Lightning.  This is the calendar module for Thunderbird.

Coming from MS Outlook, we expect a calendar to be part of the email program.  Now it is.  However, I find I am more likely to open the Google Calendar in Firefox than to hit the tab to open Lightning. Too much of a good thing?  I don’t think so.  The Lightning calendar is linked to both the work and personal calendars, so when I make changes, they appear almost instantly on Lightening.  I would like different colors for information from different calendars, but not yet.

If I don’t have Internet access, the information is still there for me. 

On a totally different topic, today is the anniversary of the Attica prison riot in upstate New York.  I was overseas at the time of this blot on the country’s history, but I think it was a major tipping point in history and should be remembered.

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