Cali Lewis: Be Careful When You Start Watching

It was one of those early morning things:

Browsing around, through some link or another, I ended up at GeekBrief TV. I had forgotten what fun it was to watch Cali Lewis and her infectious good humor.  I know one other person on the earth who so honestly projects such bonne femme.

The thing is, I am in no way, okay maybe in a little way, a gadget freek.  I find a gadget, like a car, and use it until it doesn’t work anymore and then get a new one.  I don’t have to have the newest.  This could be why I am still using my HP iPod.  Let’s see you find a HP iPod anywhere!

Back to Cali. The problem with her infectious good humor is just that, it’s infectious.  All of the work I planned to do this morning before the family rose, out the window.  I went to the and watched every episode back to April. The Road Trip!! Who would think of doing a pod cast from Old Faithful?

See what I mean?  Like a drug. 

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