MediaMonkey and I have had a hot and cold relationship down through the years. 

My first media player was, of course, WinAmp,  which is now owned by Time Warner.  When Justin Frankel first put it out in the last century, there was nothing like it.  It brought back the counter top juke box controls at Mel’s on Lombard

Then, with the advent of the iPod I was lured away to iTunes.  It held me for a year or so, but the limits it puts upon itself were too much.  It was then, through Google searching for an alternative, I found MediaMonkey.  It puts no limits on itself.  Ying-Yang stuff here.

It is this very same limitlessness that give me the chills.  I let it look over my Laptop for media.  Whoa! From whence came all that Crap???  How is it possible there were three copies of Heading for the light by the Traveling Wilburys on my C: drive when I keep all of my music on the J: drive?

If I didn’t know of this, I could’ve left it there in peace.  Now I had to do house cleaning.  It took days to collect and cull.  The good news is I cleared Gigabytes from the hard drive.  But now everything is measured and indexed automatically by MediaMonkey’s Library.

Was this good enough for me?  It should’ve been; but NooooOOO!  I had to press F1.  Worse, after I RTFM, I googled and Yahoo searched for add-ons.

It was Firefox all over again.  I learned that not every add-on is needed, or even good for the system.  I still check out every Firefox extension, like the ScribeFire with which I am writing this blog entry.  Like most of the Firefox extensions, the add-ons for MediaMonkey were to try them and disable them.

Then there’s FoxyTunes.  I am listening to Requiem Novus Mundus, as I write this with MediaMonkey in the background controlled by the FoxyTunes interface in Firefox. The banner at the bottom of the screen, telling me now it’s Annie Lennox singing Money Can’t Buy It.

The point here, is try Media Monkey, as the priest said when he put the purple ribbon around my neck over my protests, “It couldn’t hurt.”


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