Breakpoint, a novel

Richard A. Clarke‘s novel Breakpoint was recommended to me because I have much in common with three of the principle characters.  It may be because of that I found it so disappointing.

However, it was more the two dimensional, stereotyped characterizations of all of the people in the book that made me just want to get to the end, find out who did it and rid myself of the onerous task of reading the stiff and stilted prose.

Not a good review, I know.  Perhaps it was because there was so much promise, for a geek, for a person formally in the military and government service.  None of the jobs were explained in any detail, very important facts were either ignored or fluffed over, perhaps with the assumption you would know as much as the very experienced author knows.

It just didn’t make it for me.  Then there is the inane mention of alcohol brand names.  This was, perhaps, an attempt at displaying the author’s sophistication.  It didn’t work.  It worked for Ian Fleming, but not for Mr. Clark.

Sorry, but speaking solely as a geek, I would not recommend this novel set in the near future.


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