Needed a Little Tweak

The photo uploaded directly from the FotoTabber interface didn’t fit well into the skin we’re using for this blog.  The link FT and the words Annotated and Original were in “LARGEST” font size.  The photo itself was slightly squeezed when viewing with Firefox.


Going back into the Blogger Dashboard and editing it was very easy.  I highlighted the link and the words next it on the top and scaled down the font size without losing the link. Then, in Compose edit mode the photo and it’s matte were easily stretched to the left, removing the squeeze look.  Wah Lah! 

So, it wasn’t as automatic as the spoiled brats we are have come to expect.  The good news, the upload to Flickr option worked seamlessly, after the required authorization email from Flickr.  To see the photo on Flickr, scroll down to the photobar on the left column of this blog.


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