Domain Safe Until 2011!

There was some question about who exactly was hosting  If you’ve been following the RegisterFly thing on these and other pages, you are familiar with that debacle.  All of a sudden, like mortgages, we found that was in the hands of the trustworthy people at

It took a bit of this and a bit of that, but we finally nailed it down until 2011. 

We feel much better because another of our domains was stolen right from under our noses.  We hosted the domain and had it on auto-renew.  Then the above debacle happened and somehow, unlike, this other domain, which now has naughty links attached to it, slipped away. It was one of our first registrations that we’ve held since 2001.

Then the debacled outfit billed us for the hosting.  Can you believe it.  They give way our domain name and then try to charge us for its hosting. 

It must be the day, but we also got a message from some other jerk saying we owed them money for the “nascar stuff” we bought on ebay.  We don’t even have an ebay account. Forwarded it to ebay and they confirmed it was a phish.

Perhaps…  no, I won’t even go there.


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