It is almost time to pay attention to politics in this country.
Most of the candidates I have looked at on both sides are talking heads to me, except Ron Paul.

Without taking into consideration his tenuous ties to the Republican Party, he seems to be the only one who actually has his own, not yet totally canned personality. He reminds me in many ways of Eugene McCarthy.

Again, not in political or philosophical beliefs themselves, but in that he actually has political and philosophical thought unique to him and not a party line. As with Eugene McCarthy, he has strong support in the individuals and not the masses. As with Mr. McCarthy as well, this will, I predict, lead to his not being nominated.

I was in Chicago at the convention that threw Gene in to the woods for the wolves to devour with not so much as a please or thank you. It was there I became apolitical. I saw the machine of the “party of the people” choose its representative against Richard Nixon. I also saw Mr. Nixon win in a landslide victory. In the broader picture, this was Karma paying him back for JFK’s father stealing the previous election from him, and not Humphrey being defeated, in my elderly opinion.

Ron Paul – The Caucus – Politics – New York Times Blog

This is not an endorsement of anybody. I am not even sure I will vote in the national election. These things are so fixed I don’t want to waste my carbon footprint on the drive to the high school and back. There may be local issues on the ballot. For that, I will go.
I just put this here to get your attention. It’s for those of you who scan blogs for pictures before you will read the entry. I am guilty of that as well. I believe we all are. I promise not to become a pundant and fill the entries with long winded attempts to influence you in any way. I am just here to speak my mind.

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