Whoa, It’s Amazing What Can Happen…

When you click on things in FireFox.

I have the FoxyTunes add-on. I was listening to the Traveling Wilburys Tweeter and the Monkey Man.

Just for the hell of clicked on the lyrics name traveling across the bottom toolbar.  . 


Traveling Wilburys – Music on FoxyTunes Planet

foxytunes planet popped up with a copy of the album cover, links to You Tube and, best of all, a copy of the lyrics from LyricWiki. 

With Bob Zimmerman singing, sometimes it’s a good thing to have a copy of the lyrics handy. 

There is also a link to Flickr, Google, somethings called Hype Machine, Rhapsody, Wikipedia and Amazon. 

This is a very helpful  feature.


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