A Headline That Sounds Good, but…

House panel approves legal shield for bloggers | Tech News on ZDNet

Further down the story reads: the revised bill attempts to exclude the “casual blogger” from reaping
those benefits by stipulating the protections apply only to those who
derive “financial gain or livelihood” from the journalistic activity,
Boucher said Wednesday. That broad rule could, however, include
part-time writers who receive even a trickle of revenue from Google Ads
or Blogads.com.

So, it might be a good idea to sign up for one of the advert links that you can add to the side of your blog, as can be seen to the right of the Belltower.com messages.  A lot of money is not derived from these links, but now, if the bill passes both houses and is signed into law, these links may be buying you added protection.

Wait a second, do you remember The Untouchables?  Wasn’t “buying protection” something rackets did to increase the numbers of their bottom lines?  Hmmmm. 

Time to go to actual work and earn a living. -30-

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