Spoko’s Brain Younger than Belltower News!`

But not by much.  His first entry, using a very similar blog style, was in July of 2004.  Ours was in May of that year. Because of connection problems, we had no entries in February and March of this year, but we did carry on at Grazing Press until we could get this blog back up.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Spocko’s Brain, it’s a blog that has made International news, most recently on Al Jazeera’s English version web cast.  The report can be found on You Tube.

This report tells of a David and Goliath struggle between Media Giant ABC and this poor Blogger.  ABC won the first battle, but that win became a Cause Internet when EFF picked it up and decided to defend the blog.  It’s a story all bloggers should read, whether they agree with the tactic used by the blogger to get advertisers to pull out of financing the talk radio the blooger found offensive. 

There are enough links here for you to fill out the story.  I need to go to bed.


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