I waited until it was past midnight to talk about superstitions. At a meeting in a hospital on Thursday something was said about something surely turning out right.  There was some subtle tapping on the table with knuckles.  Then one of the meetings members stood up and said to the presenter that she had to find wood quickly on knock on it.  This was one medical professional to another.

The presenter thought about it for a moment, then walked over to the wooden door and whacked it loudly a few times.  There was a general sigh of relief in the room.

I would say knocking on or, as it is in the UK, touching wood is probably to most commonly practiced supervision immediately around me.  Contrary to the opinion of some, this does revolve around me.  I write about what I see, read, feel, touch, hear, taste and so on. Most people I see knocking do it unconsciously and subtly.  Sit in a bar during a sporting event and say something good about the home team.  Then observe how many people, both men and women, will knock without saying anything, or in the extreme, moan and knock.

Now what is the second most commons superstitious act around here?  I’ll get back to you on that one,

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