The Angst of September…

Taking a moment to reflect historically on this time of year, as
September starts to rev its engines during the Labor Day weekend and
“Summer” officially ends.  Today is the
day Japan signed its surrender, yesterday is the anniversary of
Germany’s invasion of Poland.  It was mentioned on NPR yesterday that
September was the month in which couples are most likely to argue. 
Then of course, there in 9/11. On top of that, there’s the start of
school.  The general human angst level is high.  I believe this is a
good time to take the month off from the news.  This is extremely hard
to do, considering from the many corners of existence news now leaks
into our conscious and subconscious.  In my youth, if you wanted the
news you picked up the newspaper.  Either or both the morning and
evening edition.  There was one nightly news program on either ABC, CBS
or NBC.
Then, in NYC, 1010 ‘all news-all the time’ started the trend for constant barrage of stories.  It was addictive.

Now, needless to say, you turn on your laptop and headlines flash
across the bottom of your screen, Google homepage, My Yahoo even
Wikipedia has a news portal.  I only pick up newspapers if I arrive
early for an urban appointment and need to spend 30 minutes or more at
a Dunkin or Starbucks.  Even then, there is always the Blackberry…

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