Mosquito Trap

The most deadly sport, in that more people die playing this sport than any other: Golf
The most deadly creature on the planet earth: Mosquito.

The preventative action against golf is easy, don’t play.
The preventative action against Mosquitoes is don’t go outside at all. This is much harder. When kids and a back yard are concerned it’s even harder.

Yesterday I made an attempt at getting one of the propane based mosquito killers.  My wife nixed it as too expensive. $279.00. How expensive is EEC or Malaria? I asked.

Still didn’t get it. With most things like this I did a little research and found a similar device for $200.00. In a review of the item the two comments against it said a $10.00 bat box was as effective. There’s the rabies and guano side of that equation. The second comment mentioned an almost free invention of a school class in Asia that involved a plastic soda bottle, sugar water, yeast and black paper.

Will try it.

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