Browster- A Very Userful Firefox Extension

I found Browster in an emailed article from ZDNet.

It is rare for ZDNet to recommend an extension so roundly. I am glad they did.

Though it claims no spyware connections, the agreement does state it collects information that cannot be linked back to the user. Uh huh. Having very little information anyone would find useful on this computer; I have no compunction about using it, and it is fun.

What it does is pop up a small lightening icon, similar to the one found in Word. When you click the icon next to any link on the Web site browsed, it pops up the window attached to the link without leaving the page being browsed. This make browsing much more intuitive.

Try it, if you don’t like it, uninstall, no harm done. Except the part where they will probably know by the end of the day what brand toilet tissue you use. (Charmin!)


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