After the Blackberry, could the D50 be far behind?

The toy level of the Blackberry 7100i has pretty much passed. It has graduated to a tool. The next toy is the Noting D50. I am going on a long trip next week and needed a camera of some quality that didn’t bankrupt me. I looked at all of the digital camera in my price range, not even thinking of a DSLR. Then I read a blurb on the Lockergnome site and went searching for reviews.  This review is the one that sold me. It also serves as a decent guide for the cameras parts and feature.

When I come back from my trip, I should be able to post a few pictures here.  I will try not to make them too boring.  More will be loaded into the Flickr acount, a sidebar for which is attached to many of the Famous Grazing Blogs.

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