Ira-ira saseru

ira-ira saseru is the Wiktionary translation for ennui. Ira Saseru
would be a good name for a completely bored out of his head fictional
character. The inside joke of the name would be so deep it would be
worth writing a book around it. There was a moment today when a severe
bout of ira-ira saseru set in. I believe it was more a case of being
over gageted. Setting two Blackberry's for people with very different
end user habits should be interesting, but it just was so frigging
easy, there was no challenge.

The wonder of what a Blackberry and other similar technical items,
earlier in my lifetime, would have had me up for days learning all of
the ins and outs, the wheres and whyfores.

When the i286 replaced the i2080, it was revolutionary. Considering my microwave oven now has more computing power than the i286, it shows the leaps and bound. Unfortunately when leaps and bounds become commonplace, ennui is the result.

Perhaps this is why I so readily agreed to go to Alaska. It could also be why I was so eager to sign up for all of the land side trips as well. I don’t just want to say, I rode by it, I want to say I stood on it, felt it, ate the local food and drank the local water.

Considering again, that I can do this on a weeks notice, travel across the continent, jump on a ship, spend a week in the arctic wilderness and expect to be back at work the day after Memorial Day is amazing. I want to spend every waking hour of my life in a constant state of amazement. Is that too much to ask of life?

Perhaps so. It’s the effort that makes it all worthwhile.


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