EZ Blog and Performancing

Famous Grazing Icon The famous grazing blogs come many forms, this being the newest of them. Grazing Press will probably become one of the most active because of the ease of use surrounding it and the Performancing extension on Firefox. Ease of use in blogging is very important when writing is the focus and not the setup game itselef.

It was the setup game that was the primary motivator for setting all of the Famous Grazing based blogs. Now the novelty of that is worn off, we are going through all of the methods used and finding those which interfere least with the writing itself.

See the page here at Grazing Press for a longer thought stream on the topic.

It was EZBlog from uuba.com that held the title for ease of use before Performancing. It still holds that title for ease of use with features. The more I dive into Performancing, perhaps the features portion of it will ease off. We'll see. For now, you can't use Performancing with EZBlog. If that were to happen, the tug of war here would certainly heat up.


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